Help us Defend the Blue in Virginia!

The first battle of the 2022 Midterms is happening right now in Virginia. Let’s send a message to the Nation that we are NOT going backward!¬†Just as Virginia was the first drop in the Blue Wave in 2017, Defending the Blue in Virginia can be the first drop in again defeating Trumpism. The battle for control of the Virginia House of Delegates, Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and Governor will be hotly contested this next month. Winning Virginia will be a hard-fought, team effort. Please check out the volunteer opportunities below to help us engage voters leading up to the November elections!


We Want You

To keep the Blue Wave going in 2022, volunteers are needed to engage with voters across the country in critical elections. We need volunteers to phone bank, text, canvass, and write letters. Every voter you talk to brings Democrats one step closer to victory on Election Day!

Phone Banking

Phone banking is the most effective way to mobilize voters during the pandemic. Whether you join us for a virtual community phone bank or want to make calls on your own, we provide you with all the training and materials you need to talk to voters. RSVP for an upcoming phone bank, or sign up for remote work using the form below.


Texting, after phone banking, is the most effective way to reach and mobilize voters during the pandemic, particularly younger voters. We have voter registration texting opportunities with Environmental Voter Project and Field Team 6, and we will have GOTV texting with many of the campaigns we are supporting. Sign up for a shift using the link below.

Postcards / Letter Writing

For those who enjoy writing postcards or letters, we need you! We are writing postcards to voters in swing states and districts nationwide. We also have letter writing opportunities to voters in swing states through Vote Forward / Swing Left.


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