Candidates and Party Leaders Agree: Our Work is Critical

Josh Harder

U.S. Representative, California's 9th District

Mike Levin

U.S. Representative, California's 49th District

Danica Roem

State Senator, Virginia's 30th District

Michael Feggans

Delegate, Virginia's 97th District

Travis Nembhard

2022 Virginia House of Delegates Candidate

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Eric Swalwell

U.S. Representative, California's 14th District

"I'm supporting Grassroots Democrats HQ because the work they're doing is going to keep Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, give us a Senate that will break the filibuster to pass important rights, and take back the House and make Hakeem Jeffries our Speaker.”


Ben Wikler

Chair, Wisconsin Democratic Party

“Grassroots Democrats HQ has poured hundreds of thousands of phone calls into Wisconsin. That makes a gigantic difference for us… especially the flood of calls to young Democrats, from young Democrats and college students.”


Josh Harder

U.S. Representative, California's 9th District

“Thank you to the Grassroots Democrats HQ for helping to get us over the finish line in the last election. They made over 80,000 voter contacts through post carding, phone banking, and texting, and that could very well be the reason we won this district… They’ve been with us since the very beginning, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes.”


Mike Levin

U.S. Representative, California's 49th District

“I want to thank the Grassroots Democrats HQ for their years of support for our campaign. Last year between calling, canvassing, and texting, the HQ made over 100,000 voter contacts in our district, and they’ve been in the trenches with us since we first flipped this district blue in 2018. We’ve got to take back the majority in 2024, and we can’t do it without Grassroots Democrats HQ.”

Tearanie Chinn

2022 Out of State Organizing Director, Mission for Arizona

“The work done by the Grassroots Dems HQ Fellows has been vital to the AZ Democratic Coordinated Campaign. They are excellent in conveying our message of voting Democratic across all levels of government to young people ages 18-35 across Arizona and have identified a number of voters who would like to get involved within the campaign. The passion and commitment these young people exhibit daily in their efforts to mobilize voters across the country is truly inspiring and gives me hope for the future of our Democracy.”

Jazmin Cortez

Deputy Distributed Organizing Director, Nevada Democratic Party

“Grassroots Democrats HQ has been an integral part of our out of state program in Nevada. From the direct voter contact phone banking capacity that they have provided through their Young Dems Fellowship program, to helping us identify Spanish speakers/supporters, Grassroots Democrats HQ consistently has delivered for our team and community — and in turn for Democrats across our state.”