Organizing for Democracy: Paid Youth Training Program

Empowering Young Activists to Become Effective Organizers


Building off the successes of our spring and summer cohorts, the Grassroots Democrats HQ (GDHQ) and Blue Future are excited to launch a 9-week paid organizing program during GOTV of the 2022 midterms! As part of this program, young people (ages 16-25) are being trained in organizing, electoral campaigns, and leadership development skills. Young organizers are given the opportunity to volunteer directly for candidates fighting for democracy and make a difference on some of the most competitive campaigns across the country.

For 9 weeks between September 15th – November 10th, organizers are being paid to be trained and commit to volunteering for 5 hours per week and engage in phone banking in coordination with competitive campaigns for the House & Senate where the youth vote can make the difference come November. The program is completely digital and remote to allow young people anywhere to get involved.

Organizers are be paid $75 per week for participating in our 9-week training program, for a total stipend of $675. Please consider making a donation to fund this program through Election Day!

Our Fall 2022 Cohort

Building off our spring and summer cohorts — which made more than 40,000 calls combined on behalf of our target House and Senate campaigns — our fall cohort is hard at work defending Democrats’ Congressional majorities. We are also incredibly proud of the broad spectrum of diversity within our cohort: 68% are women, 66% are BIPOC, and 38% identify as LGBTQ+.

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