How We Got Started

In 2018, we knew we had to win a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to save our country from Donald Trump and the GOP. Our leadership oversaw a network of 4,000 volunteers who made 1.9 million phone calls and knocked on thousands of doors. Together we flipped seven Congressional districts in California, helping Democrats win their largest House majority in a decade. Now, we must defend the California Seven, and continue our work to take back the White House and the Senate in 2020.

Our Mission

The mission of the Grassroots Democrats HQ is to DEFEND and FLIP:  Defend Democrats’ 2018 House gains, flip the Senate, take back the White House in 2020, and turn key state legislatures blue.

How Will We Do It?

We will work with campaigns to build information libraries, recruit and train volunteers and provide individuals and group leaders with the tools they need for early voter engagement now through GOTV (Get Out The Vote).

  • Phone bankingPhone banking, after canvassing, is the most effective way to mobilize  voters. Whether you join us in person or want to make calls from home, we provide you with all the training and materials you need to talk to voters.
  • Canvassing – Canvassing, or knocking on doors and talking with voters face to face, is the most effective way to mobilize support for our Democratic candidates. We will have canvassing opportunities available soon.
  • Text Banking – Text banking is newer form of voter engagement that is proving to be incredibly effective, particularly to mobilize younger voters. We will have texting opportunities available soon.
  • Postcard & Letter Writing – If you are not yet comfortable talking to voters, we can still you use your help! We have postcard and letter writing opportunities to voters in swing states through Vote Forward.

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