Our 2022 House Targets

CA-9: Josh Harder

Meet Josh
Josh grew up in the Central Valley and lives in Tracy with his wife Pam and their baby daughter Lily. He sees how expensive it’s getting to raise a family – from gas to housing to health care – and how our communities keep getting left behind. For too long politicians have put their own egos above actually getting things done for our families. Josh represents a new generation of leaders working to break the gridlock and fix the broken political system.

Josh comes from the business world and is focused on the most important issues in our community like lowering costs, fighting homelessness and keeping our neighborhoods safe. That’s why Josh has support from a diverse coalition of voters from farmers and ranchers to union workers and law enforcement. Learn more…

About CA-9
Incumbent: Josh Harder (D)
Key Communities: San Joaquin County
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +12
Forecaster Rating: Likely Democrat

Much of the newly-drawn CA-9 is currently represented by Rep. Jerry McNerney (D), who recently announced he would retire in 2022 rather than seek re-election. As a result, Rep. Josh Harder (D), is now running for re-election in CA-9, the district in which he lives. Rep. Harder has deep roots in the new district, as his family first moved to the Central Valley when his great grandfather started a peach farm in Manteca more than 150 years ago. Nonetheless, 70% of the district will be new to him as a Congressional candidate.

2022 Primary Results*
Josh Harder (D) – 37.8%
Tom Patti (R) – 28.6%
Jim Shoemaker (R) – 14.1%
Harpreet Chima (D) – 7.6%
Jonathan Madison (R) – 5.5%
Khalid Jafri (D) – 3.1%
Karena Feng (D) – 2.5%

Total vote by party: 51.0% Democrat  48.3% Republican

CA-13: Adam Gray

Meet Adam
Adam Gray is focused on what matters most to the residents of the San Joaquin Valley: health, education, public safety, jobs, and water.

Born and raised in Merced before serving as a policymaker in the Legislature and instructor at UC Merced, Adam has represented Merced and Stanislaus Counties in the California State Assembly for the past decade. He’s been a champion for bipartisan, commonsense solutions for the Central Valley, having led the fight to sustainably secure its water supply, increase access to and funding for healthcare, and reduce crime and gang violence. Learn more…

About CA-13
Incumbent: N/A
Key Communities: Fresno, Merced, and Stanislaus Counties
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +10
Forecaster Rating: Toss-Up

While Biden won the new CA-13 comfortably in 2020, there are many signs that this district will be among the most competitive in the country come November 2022. First and foremost, this is an open seat, meaning neither candidate will enjoy the incumbency advantage, which historically has always produced more competitive results. And despite Biden’s win, CA-13 narrowly voted to recall Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021, representing a nearly 11 point shift to the right. Nonetheless, higher turnout in 2022 should benefit Democrats given their registration advantage in the district.

2022 Primary Results*
John Duarte (R) – 34.3%
Adam Gray (D) – 31.0%
Phil Arballo (D) – 17.2%
David Giglio (R) – 14.9%
Diego Martinez (R) – 2.6%

Total vote by party: 51.8% Republican  48.2% Democrat

CA-22: Rudy Salas

Meet Rudy
Born and raised in the Central Valley, Assemblymember Salas is a lifelong Valley resident, who worked his way from laboring in the fields with his father to graduating from UCLA and becoming the first Latino Bakersfield City Councilmember in its 112 year history.

In his five terms in the California State Assembly, Rudy Salas has stood by his commitment to take a stand for Central Valley families and deliver for the region. Salas has been a steadfast voice for the Valley in the state capitol, fighting for more public safety funding, expanding workforce development programs, expanding veterans’ and workers’ rights, clean water infrastructure and support for our small business community.

Now, Assemblymember Salas is ready to take on this tough challenge and flip California’s 22nd Congressional District to ensure Central Valley residents have the voice and respect in Washington that they deserve. Learn more…

About CA-22
Incumbent: David Valadao (R)
Key Communities: Kern, Kings, and Tulare Counties
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +13
Forecaster Rating: Toss-Up

For the third election cycle in a row, Republican Rep. David Valadao’s seat will be one of the most competitive Congressional races in the country. Democrats narrowly flipped Valadao’s current seat in 2018 when former Rep. TJ Cox won by fewer than 900 votes. Rather than retiring, Valadao challenged Cox again in 2020 and flipped the seat back into the Republican column by a margin of just 1,500 votes. Now, Valadao is running in the newly drawn CA-22, which adds nearly half of Bakersfield while losing many of the Kings County Republican communities he relied on to win in 2020. Moving from Biden +11 to Biden +13, this seat presents Democrats with one of their best pick-up ooportunities nationwide in 2022.

2022 Primary Results*
Rudy Salas (D) – 45.4%
David Valadao (R) – 25.6%
Chris Mathys (R) – 23.1%
Adam Medeiros (R) – 5.9%

Total vote by party: 54.6% Republican  45.4% Democrat

CA-27: Christy Smith

Meet Christy
Christy Smith is a 40-year resident of the City of Santa Clarita in the congressional district she is running to serve. In 2020, she ran against Republican Congressman Mike Garcia and earned 36,000 more votes than any other Democrat in the district’s history.

As a distinguished state legislator, Christy authored nine bills focusing on education reform, homeowner protections, college affordability and good governance, which were signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom while also securing historic investments in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Prior to the State Assembly, Christy formerly served two terms as a Governing Board Member of the highly successful Newhall School District. She also chaired the successful Measure E Prop 39 bond campaign for the Newhall District, which has provided $60 million in resources for facility and technology upgrades. Learn more…

About CA-22
Incumbent: Mike Garcia
Key Communities: Antelope Valley, North San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +12
Forecaster Rating: Toss-Up

The newly drawn CA-27 closely mirrors the previous CA-25, with one major change that will significantly boost Democrats’ chances of flipping the seat in 2022: CA-27 loses the Republican stronghold of Simi Valley while gaining the Democratic-leaning city of Lancaster, moving the district from Biden +10 to Biden +12. Incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Garcia only won this seat by 333 votes in 2020, meaning this is one of Democrats’ best opportunities nationwide to expand our majority in 2022.

2022 Primary Results
Mike Garcia (R) – 47.1%
Christy Smith (D) – 37.4%
Quaye Quartey (D) – 6.8%
Ruth Luevanos (D) – 5.5%
David Rudnick (R) – 2.2%
Mark Pierce (R) – 1.1%

Total vote by party: 50.4% Republican  49.6% Democrat

CA-40: Asif Mahmood

Meet Asif
Asif grew up in a remote village in rural Pakistan where his parents taught him that helping others is our highest calling, which inspired him to become a doctor. After receiving his medical degree, Asif moved to America and later California, where he has been practicing medicine for 20 years. Asif has played leading roles in philanthropic efforts for non-profit organizations like UNICEF and volunteers at a free clinic. He serves on the California Medical Board and on the board of the Valley Rescue Mission, the largest homeless shelter in Southern California. He is also the chair of the Organization for Social Media Safety which fights cyber-bullying and cyber-exploitation of children. In Congress, Asif will be a strong voice and problem solver for the families in his district and across the country. Learn more…

About CA-40
Incumbent: Young Kim (R)
Key Communities: East Orange County, Chino Hills
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +2
Forecaster Rating: Likely R

The newly drawn CA-40 includes many communities that were once Republican strongholds but are quickly trending toward Democrats. Since 2014, Republicans’ voter registration advantage in the district has shrunk from +16 to +2. Moreover, Joe Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 vote share by 6%, winning the district by an overall margin of nearly 2%. Considering that a majority of the district is new to Republican incumbent Rep. Young Kim, Democrats are poised to make this seat competitive in the general election.

2022 Primary Results
Asif Mahmood (D) – 41.0%
Young Kim (R) – 34.6%
Greg Raths (R) – 23.2%
Nicholas Taurus (R) – 1.2%

Total vote by party: 59.0% Republican  41.0% Democrat

CA-41: Will Rollins

Meet Will
Will is a former federal prosecutor who focused on counterterrorism and counterintelligence cases in Southern California. He’s from a family of Republicans and Democrats and is running for Congress because the attack on the U.S. Capitol underscored why America needs a new generation of leaders to end toxic divisions that threaten our democracy and prevent us from solving problems together.

Before his career as a prosecutor, Will clerked for two federal judges after attending Columbia Law School. If elected, Will would also be just the second openly gay man ever elected to Congress in California. After coming of age at a time when being gay was literally illegal in some states, Will has dedicated himself to improving the lives of others who face discrimination. Learn more…

About CA-40
Incumbent: Ken Calvert (R)
Key Communities: Southwest Riverside County, Coachella Valley
2020 Presidential Results: Trump +1
Forecaster Rating: Lean R

The newly drawn CA-41 puts incumbent Republican Ken Calvert in a much more competitive district than ever before, trading Republican strongholds like Temecula and Murrieta for the much more Democratic communities of the Coachella Valley. Whereas Calvert’s old district voted Trump +7 in 2020, the voters of CA-41 voted for the former President by a much narrower +1 spread, one of the closest margins of any new district in California. The sizable LGBTQ+ community in Palm Springs and neighboring community could be a deciding factor in the race as well, particularly given the stark contrast between the openly-gay Rollins and historically-homophobic Calvert.

2022 Primary Results
Ken Calvert (R) – 43.6%
Will Rollins (D) – 35.6%
Shrina Kurani (D) – 14.9% 
John Michael Lucio (R) – 4.7%
Anna Nevenic (I) – 1.3%

Total vote by party: 50.5% Democrat  48.3% Republican

CA-45: Jay Chen

Meet Jay
The child of immigrants from Taiwan, Jay attended local public schools and earned a Navy ROTC scholarship to attend Harvard University. After working and studying in Latin America and Asia, he then worked consulting for Fortune 500 businesses before starting his own local real estate business. Jay’s understanding of the global economy and its challenges inspired him to dedicate himself to public service and education. For the past decade, he’s served as a community college trustee, a role in which he’s created free college application workshops, free SAT classes, and dual language Spanish and Mandarin language programs to ensure all students have a chance to thrive and succeed. Jay is also a Lieutenant Commander in the United State Navy Reserves, and has served honorably from the Korean Peninsula to the Middle East.

In Congress, Jay will work to restore accountability and integrity in Washington. He will stand up to insurance and drug companies to make health care more affordable and COVID-19 testing and treatment free. He will fight to increase the size and scope of small business loans so that our local economy can recover, and work across the aisle to invest in education, strengthen our supply chains, and reduce inflation.  He will also stand up for our veterans and ensure that they have access to quality healthcare and jobs after they complete their service to our country. Learn more…

About CA-45
Incumbent: Michelle Steel (R)
Key Communities: Central & North Orange County
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +6
Forecaster Rating: 

Rather than challenging Rep. Katie Porter in her home district, incumbent Republican Rep. Michelle Steel (who narrowly defeated former Rep. Harley Rouda in 2020) has announced she is running for re-election in the newly drawn CA-45. Steel currently represents less than 30% of the district, eliminating much of the built-in advantage that incumbents typically enjoy. CA-45 links Little Saigon in Westminster with other predominantly AAPI communities in North Orange County, meaning the AAPI vote will be critical in determining the outcome of this race in November, particularly with two AAPI candidates on the ballot.

2022 Primary Results
Jay Chen (D) – 46.3%
Michelle Steel (R) – 43.9%
Long Pham (R) – 9.8%

Total vote by party: 53.7% Republican  46.3% Democrat

CA-47: Katie Porter

Meet Katie
Prior to being elected in 2018 Katie was a consumer protection advocate and professor at UC Irvine. Much of her work centered around the housing crisis that rocked Orange County and many other parts of the country. Before the crisis, she was one of the first to sound the alarm about how the biggest Wall Street banks were preying on homeowners. And when the crisis hit, she was appointed by then Attorney General Kamala Harris to work directly with California families who were cheated by the five biggest Wall Street banks. Her team won thousands of victories against the banks, forcing them to pay billions to families. And their work helped tens of thousands of families move forward with their lives.

Katie was first elected to Congress as part of the 2018 Blue Wave, flipping a long-time Republican seat. She was re-elect in 2020 by an impressive 7-point margin despite massive spending by the national GOP to try and take back her seat. Now, Katie is running for re-election to continue the work she’s always done – to take on powerful special interests, lower costs for families, and secure a sustainable future for future generations. As a single mom to three kids, she knows there’s no time to waste. Learn more…

About CA-47
Incumbent: Katie Porter (D)
Key Communities: Coastal Orange County
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +11
Forecaster Rating: 
Lean Democrat

The newly drawn CA-47 closely mirrors the old CA-48, represented previously by former Rep. Harley Rouda and currently by Republican Rep. Michelle Steel. CA-47, however, adds the city of Irvine, home of Democratic Rep. Katie Porter. Rather than run against the progressive icon and her massive war chest, Rep. Steel opted to run for re-election in the more Republican friendly CA-45, opening the door for a crowded field of Republican challengers vying to challenge Rep. Porter in the general election. Former State Assemblyman and OC Republican Party Chair Scott Baugh ultimately prevailed, and it poised to put up a strong fight in November — that majority of the district is new to Rep. Porter and national Republicans are pouring in millions to try and flip this seat.

2022 Primary Results
Katie Porter (D) – 51.7%
Scott Baugh (R) – 30.9%
Amy West (R) – 8.3%
Brian Burley (R) – 7.1%

Total vote by party: 51.7% Democrat  48.3% Republican

CA-49: Mike Levin

Meet Mike
Mike was raised in South Orange County, by a Mexican-American mother and a Jewish-American father. After attending public schools and graduating from Stanford University and Duke University School of Law, Mike worked as an attorney focused on environmental and energy regulatory compliance and government affairs. During this time, Mike also served as Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County, supporting a variety of local, state, and federal political campaigns and community organizations.

Mike was elected to Congress in 2018, flipping a seat that had been held by a Republican for several decades. In Washington, Mike has established himself as a leader on climate action and clean energy, serving on the House Natural Resources Committee and the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. He introduced legislation to transition the nation to zero-emission vehicles, expand renewable energy development, and prevent future offshore oil drilling. Mike also serves on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and leads the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity. He has introduced dozens of bipartisan bills to strengthen benefits and services for veterans, end veteran homelessness, and help veterans get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more…

About CA-49
Incumbent: Mike Levin (D)
Key Communities: South Orange County, North San Diego County
2020 Presidential Results: Biden +11
Forecaster Rating: 
Lean Democrat

After producing one of the closest Congressional races in the country in 2020, CA-49 is poised to be one the most hotly contested seats nationwide again in 2022. Rep. Mike Levin keeps the same district number but inherits a considerably more Republican-friendly district that only voted to reject the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom by a minuscule margin on 0.8%. The new CA-49 loses a Democratic stronghold in UCSD and its surrounding neighborhoods while gaining Laguna Niguel, a city that has voted Republican in seven of the past eight presidential elections. The result is a district-wide shift from Biden +13 to Biden +11.

2022 Primary Results
Mike Levin (D) – 48.9%
Brian Maryott (R) – 19.0%
Lisa Bartlett (R) – 10.7%
Christopher Rodriguez (R) – 9.7%
Josiah O’Neil (R) – 7.8%
Nadia Smalley (D) – 2.5%
Renee Taylor (R) – 1.4%

Total vote by party: 51.4% Democrat  48.6% Republican

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