Background Information

With 29 electoral votes up for grabs, Florida is the ultimate swing state in presidential elections. In fact, Florida has voted for the winner of the Electoral College in every presidential election since 1992. President Obama won Florida by just 50,000 votes in 2012, and Donald Trump won the state by just under 120,000 votes in 2016. This year, polling shows that Florida is just as much of a tossup, but it has added significance. If Joe Biden wins Florida, he essentially is guaranteed to win the Electoral College. Moreover, because of favorable laws that allow mail-in ballots to be counted as soon as they are received, Florida will be called on election night, giving a Biden victory much needed legitimacy against Trump’s inevitable claims of election fraud. Simply put, we’ve won here before, and we can and need to do it again.

Our Candidates

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States running against Republican incumbent Donald Trump.