Flip the Senate Virtual Gala with Theresa Greenfield

Defeating Donald Trump isn’t enough this November. If we let Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues continue running the Senate, Joe Biden’s entire policy platform will be dead on arrival. We MUST flip the Senate. Our democracy is at stake.

Please join us on Monday, September 14th at 5pm for a grassroots virtual gala to flip the Senate with Theresa Greenfield, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Iowa. Don’t let the pundits fool you — Iowa is very much still a swing state and one of our best opportunities to flip a Senate seat. Trump’s approval rating is underwater among Iowa voters, and Democrats flipped three of the state’s four Congressional districts from red to blue in 2018. Fast forward to 2020, and 51% of Iowa voters say they’re either definitely or considering voting for someone other than incumbent Republican Senator Joni Ernst. We’ve won here before, and we can win here again in 2020.

When you RSVP for this event, 50% of your contribution will support Theresa Greenfield’s campaign, and 50% will support the Grassroots Democrats HQ helping to fund our field programs to flip the Senate through Election Day.

Event Chairs (In Formation)

Brian Colker & Susan Sheu

Fran & Roger Diamond

Grandparents for Democracy

Melissa Grant

Tamara Melzer Levenson

Jennifer and David Miner

Helen & Frank Ponder

Ingrid Van Eckert

Host Committee (In Formation)

Duane Bindschadler

Steve Bott

Fran & Roger Diamond

Susan Given

Stacy Golden

Marlene Grossman

Heidi Hu & Dan Hsieh

Nancy & Rick Kurshner

Susan & Ralph Levinson

Kerry O’Malley

Jackie Pepper

Marian Shapiro

Amy Woodson-Boulton