2020 Accomplishments

The Grassroots Democrats HQ was founded in 2019 with a simple mission: defend the House, flip the Senate, and take back the White House in 2020. We played an integral role in making this mission a reality, partnering with the Biden campaign while working on seven Senate and nine House races. Here is just a brief snapshot of our accomplishments:

  • 22,530  Volunteers
  • 6,172,244  Phone Calls Made
  • 656,840  Postcards Written
  • 2,700,036  Texts Sent
  • 247  Canvassing Shifts (Pre-COVID)

We could not be more thankful for the tremendous volunteers, staff, and donors who made this possible. For a closer look at each state we worked in, please visit the Swing States menu.

Joe Biden for President

The Grassroots Democrats HQ was proudly the official GOTV virtual staging location for Progressives for Biden and Seniors for Biden. Together we made 4.6 million phone calls to voters in swing states nationwide in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We also wrote 316,000 postcards for the Biden/Harris ticket in partnership with Women’s March Action.

Joe Biden defeated incumbent Donald Trump by an Electoral College margin of 306-232. The Biden/Harris ticket flipped five states that voted for Trump in 2016, all of which were Grassroots Democrats HQ targets: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received more votes than any presidential ticket in our nation’s history and won the popular vote by 4.5%.

We Flipped Virginia Blue!

From April through November 2019, we worked tirelessly to help flip the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate. Our efforts paid off. Thanks in part to 20,000 phone calls and 13,000 letters from our volunteers, Democrats won a 55-45 majority in the House of Delegates and a 21-19 majority in the Senate, giving Democrats total control of Virginia’s government. As a result, Virginia will be able to end Republican gerrymandering in the state, pass universal background checks, and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

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